We’d firstly like to thank everyone that attended and presented at our event – it was indeed a masterclass! The content covered was a real boost for those who could take part.

Our first speaker was Adam Challonder from Trivallis, a housing association based in Pontypridd. He provided some really useful feedback as someone who is responsible for buying services for the public sector on a daily basis.

Of the many points he covered, one thing that stood out to me was that Trivallis buys all of its supplies electronically. So, if you’re not tied into that system, you won’t be able to apply for any opportunities coming up.

Another interesting point was how important it is for suppliers to select the right CPV (Common Procurement Vocabulary) codes when building your Sell2Wales Profile. These codes help to define which opportunities you get notifications on. If you don’t have them selected, you might miss the contracts most suitable to you. 

Guto Carrod from Business Wales was able to expand on this point with a great analogy – you should cast your net widely using the CPV codes. You will have to sift through the resulting opportunities yourself, but at least you know what’s happening in the market in relation to your work. This will help grow and shape the services you offer to the public sector.

Maintaining the nautical theme, Guto also talked about SQuID – the Supplier Qualification Information Database. These are the policies and procedures that buyers want businesses have in place before they even get through the door as a potential supplier.

This would be a good thing for businesses to prepare during a quiet time. Get everything in order and saved in a folder ready for repeat use. Investing time into developing the right policies would reap rewards further down the line.

Finally, both Adam and Guto’s presentations showed the value of personal relationships. It’s really important to know the buyers and their procurement plans so you can best deliver what they need. Do some research on who currently has contracts on Sell2Wales and see if there are procurement contacts available. If there’s anyone in particular you’d like to speak to, let us know and we’ll try to set up an introduction.

If you have any questions about your Sell2Wales profile, procurement opportunities or upcoming masterclasses, please email louise@practicesolutions-ltd.co.uk.

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