For businesses looking for public sector contracts, there are lots of free resources available:


Sell2Wales is the national advertising portal where Welsh public sector organisations post contract opportunities.

Both Public Notices and Invitation-only Notices (known as Quick Quotes) are issued by buyers on the website. All Welsh public sector organisations are actively encouraged to use the Sell2Wales website as their main tool for advertising contract notices. Prime contractors on public contracts are encouraged to use the website to publish their sub- contract opportunities. 

The new Sell2Wales website is an information source and procurement portal set up by the Welsh Government. The portal aims to help:

  • Businesses win contracts with the public sector across Wales
  • Public sector buyers to advertise and manage tender opportunities
  • Businesses promote their services
  • Businesses find contract opportunities

Each year, billions of pounds worth of contracts for public sector goods and services are advertised through this site. These contracts are offered by a wide range of publicly-funded organisations including:

  • The Welsh Government
  • Local authorities
  • NHS Trusts
  • Colleges and universities

Winning contractors can offer sub-contracting opportunities by identifying suitable businesses and inviting them to quote for work and tender for contracts.

The Sell2Wales site offers:

  • A simplified system where you can document tendering opportunities
  • Free registration allowing full use of tools to help you search for tendering opportunities
  • Access to procurement services in one place
  • The facility to advertise tenders and to supply goods and services to the public sector
  • Email alerts for suppliers about the latest business opportunities
  • Free contract and procurement information
  • Case studies of Sell2Wales users
  • The chance to search latest procurement news and events
  • Easier communication between buyers and suppliers

Sell2Wales also has a facility that publishes contracts that are in the pipeline so that suppliers have more chance to prepare a suitable tender response. There may be a situation where a contract is coming up that you may not be able to deliver on your own but by working together with other businesses signed up to Connect4Success this may increase your chances of winning some of these larger contracts.

Quick Quote

One of the facilities on the Sell2Wales site is the Quick Quote function. It provides a mechanism for businesses to quote for work without having to submit a detailed tender. It is an online request-for-quotation facility, and is used to obtain quick quotes for low value/low risk procurement exercises, or to run mini competitions within a framework agreement.

Only the individual Supplier account selected to quote can access the details of the quote and submit a response. This means that a Supplier must log in with the same email address that was invited; a colleague’s details will not work.

Once registered on Sell2Wales, any Supplier can be invited to quote by a Buyer. To enhance a Supplier’s chances of being invited to quote you can complete or update your Supplier Finder profile. The more detail and the more attractive this profile is, the more likely a Supplier is to be selected by a Buyer to put in a Quick Quote

If you need to develop your Supplier Finder profile, sign up to Connect4SuccessRCT and we can help improve your profile.

Business Wales

Business Wales is a free service that provides impartial, independent support and advice to people starting, running and growing a business in Wales. Their website provides information on starting a business, financial planning, IT, business ideas and innovation, marketing and skills, and training. They offer an up-to-date news service, facilitate events and webinars to keep businesses informed, and host a business directory. All businesses in Wales are encouraged to register so that they have access to this information.

Business Online Support Service (BOSS)

Business Online Support Service (BOSS) offers a range of online training courses for businesses registered with them. Courses cover the following topics:

1.Start-up and Business Planning

Courses cover topics such as: How can I reduce my waste and save money?

2. Finance

Examples courses from this topic include: Forecasting Sales, Basic Financial Management

3. I.T. 

Examples courses from this topic include: General Data Protection Regs (GDPR), Social Media Marketing

4. Business Ideas and Innovation

Examples courses from this topic include: Develop Your Business Idea, Copyrights

5. Marketing

Examples courses from this topic include: Who is Your Ideal Customer, Marketing Techniques

6. Skills and Training

Examples courses from this topic include: Coping with Workplace Change, Coaching for Leaders

National Procurement Service

The National Procurement Service promotes Welsh public sector procurement collaboration to deliver a good deal for Wales. They aim to save time and money, support the Welsh economy, and embrace the Well-being of Future Generations Act. They offer a number of collaborative procurement frameworks for a range of goods and services.